For small businesses with big plans.

A young man smiling with people around him clapping and cheering that he has insurance with St. Luke's - A young man is smiling with people around him, clapping and cheering.

$0 is a beautiful thing.

  • $0 in-network primary care physician visits
  • $0 in-network preventive care
  • $0 in-network maternity care
  • $0 preventive prescription drugs
  • $0 preferred generic drugs on most plans
  • $0 behavioral health

Picking a plan.

For companies with less than 50 employees, we offer big benefits to match your company’s similarly sized aspirations.


A great option for employees who usually visit the doctor only for basic check-ups or emergencies.


Silver plans are the middle ground, perfect for employees who see their doctor a few times a year and want affordable coverage for the unexpected.


Gold plans are a great option for employees who see their doctor regularly, have ongoing prescription needs or those that may be starting a family.

Accessible and affordable health care.

Value-based care

Our goal is to provide the best possible care for the lowest cost.

Quality network

900+ locations and 4,000+ St. Luke's and independent practitioners accountable for the health and well-being of their patients.

Caring for Idaho

Our network is experienced in providing outstanding health & financial outcomes to more than 260,000 people in 20 counties.

Helpful info.


The basics.

Small groups.

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