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St. Luke’s Health Plan

November 29, 2023

Introducing TytoHome

Bringing quality care to your home.

We’re excited to share that St. Luke’s Health Plan will offer TytoHome device kits - your virtual clinic right at home. TytoHome devices put the power of remote physical exams in your hands so you and your family can access enhanced care from a St. Luke's On-Demand Virtual Care provider from the comfort of home.

Life's Unexpected Moments: TytoHome - Your Health Care Solution

Life has a way of throwing unexpected health curveballs, especially when it involves our little ones. Ever found yourself with a toddler suddenly battling an earache? With TytoHome, there's no need to rush anywhere. You can easily connect with a St. Luke’s provider who can virtually examine your little one’s ear within minutes, confirm the diagnosis and even send over a prescription if needed. Or maybe you find yourself stuffed up and sneezing non-stop - is it allergies or the flu? No need to play the guessing game anymore. With TytoHome, all you have to do is initiate an On-Demand Virtual Visit and your trusted St. Luke's provider will determine your diagnosis and the appropriate next steps.

TytoHome: Enhanced Care from Home

TytoHome is an FDA-cleared, comprehensive virtual care solution designed to provide convenient access to medical care for common conditions like earaches, fever, sore throat, pink eye, upper respiratory infections and more, right from the comfort of home. TytoHome technology allows St. Luke’s providers to conduct virtual clinical-grade exams of the ear, throat, lungs, heart, abdomen and skin, ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment.

Your TytoHome Device: Making Health Care a Breeze

The TytoHome device has all the essentials - a user-friendly touch screen with a built-in camera and infrared thermometer, a tongue depressor, a stethoscope and an otoscope. It's all designed to make your virtual visit as smooth as possible, ensuring you get the care you need when you need it.

How Does It Work? Seamless at-home Health Care

Once you log into your On-Demand Virtual Visit, a St. Luke's provider will guide you through the required exams using your TytoHome device, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a diagnosis and prescription, if necessary. Your visit notes, diagnosis and treatment will seamlessly become part of your patient record, just as if you were in the clinic.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Health Care? Here's How:

For individual and family eligibility questions, send us an email at [email protected]

 Employers, we've got you covered too! Reach out to us at [email protected] to explore how TytoHome can become an integral part of your employee health care benefits.