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We’ve covered a lot of bases.

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Pharmacy and prescriptions.

We've got your prescriptions covered.

St. Luke’s Health Plan offers comprehensive coverage for all of your prescription medication needs. With access to a wide range of pharmacies, you get affordable prices for the medications you need to stay healthy.

Virtual care?

St. Luke's Health Plan offers on-demand virtual appointments, if appropriate depending on your symptoms. You'll meet with a local St. Luke's health care professional who is able to view and update your existing medical information.

No driving. Less waiting. Our patients appreciate our virtual care services so much, they've awarded them a 96% satisfaction rate.

Care management.

Our care advisors offer guidance for you and your family as you make choices about treatment, health care preferences and personal goals.

The care management team includes registered nurses, social workers, dietitians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, community health workers and outreach coordinators. Our advisors offer:

  • A personalized health assessment that helps identify health risks.
  • Educational materials to help you understand and manage medications, symptoms, and care planning.
  • Support in creating achievable health goals.

There is no additional cost for these services. Call 833-540-1302 to get started.

Need more assistance? Check out these programs.

Medication support

Our experts in medication therapy management will help you understand how drugs work and how to reduce side effects.

Healthy members

Know which yearly checkups and health screenings are right for you.

Transitions of care

Get help managing your health at home after a hospital stay to lower the risk of readmission.

Social care

Access resources for safe housing, food assistance, transportation and financial concerns that can impact health.

Chronic care

Receive extra support for managing COPD, certain heart and vascular conditions, diabetes and asthma.

Contact us

For more information or to enroll in a program, call Care Management at 833-540-1302.

Health and wellness info at your fingertips.

Browse our health education library to find articles, videos and tools about health and wellness topics that are relevant to you.

Price transparency.

No one likes to be surprised when a bill comes, so we're working on a tool that will give you access to personalized health care cost estimates. Until then, you can use the St. Luke’s price estimator or give us a call at 833-478-5853.


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Quality Coverage

St. Luke's has an exceptional network of quality doctors and specialists serving Idaho. We're so glad you're a part of our family.