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Quality care for every member of the family.

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Looking for a pharmacy?

Just about every independent and national chain pharmacy is in our network.

The highest-quality network of doctors in Idaho.

St. Luke’s has the most highly esteemed network of doctors and specialists in the state. From a regular check-up to emergency care and everything in-between, you’ll find a doctor with expertise to help you.

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Virtual care?

St. Luke's Health Plan offers on-demand virtual appointments, if appropriate depending on your symptoms. You'll meet with a local St. Luke's health care professional who is able to view and

update your existing medical information. No driving. Less waiting. Our patients appreciate our virtual care services so much, they've awarded them a 96% satisfaction rate.

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Quality Coverage

St. Luke's has an exceptional network of quality doctors and specialists serving Idaho. We're so glad you're a part of our family.