Plant shop owner spraying her plants. With St. Luke's Health Plan, your business owners no longer have to worry about giving quality health coverage to their employees.


Give your employees another reason to love you.

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Perfect for employers.

  • Fully integrated health plans, with doctors and insurance working together on the same team
  • Access to an amazing network of doctors and specialists
  • Competitive rates with great coverage
  • A brand your employees know and trust

Perfect for employees.

Fewer barriers.
Less stress.

  • Your doctor is likely already in the network
  • No in-network referrals necessary
  • Affordable plans designed for every age and budget

$0 can go a long way.

St. Luke's Health Plan offers a number of services for $0.

  • $0 primary care
  • $0 preventive care
  • $0 virtual care
  • $0 preventive prescriptions
  • $0 preferred generic prescriptions
  • $0 maternity benefits
  • $0 behavioral health

Big or small.

Whether your company is just starting up or well-established, our plans will keep your employees healthy and happy.

Get to it

2-50 Employees

Get to it

51+ Employees


The basics.

Small groups.

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Let’s get your team covered.

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A brand you can trust

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