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Bronze, Silver

or Gold?

St. Luke’s Health Plan

July 17, 2022

Bronze, Silver or Gold?

Pick the plan that’s right for you.

Choosing the right amount of coverage for you and your family can feel… well, a little daunting. Here’s a tip: Instead of trying to figure out percentages and deductible levels, think about how you really live. You’ll need different levels of coverage at different life stages—and St. Luke’s Health Plan is ready to meet you where you are.

Sometimes, life hits you hard—but with St. Luke’s Health Plan, you won’t have to worry. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll pay $0 when you visit your in-network primary care physician. Finding an in-network doctor should be super simple. Our network is one of the largest in the state. If you choose an out-of-network doctor, you’ll have to cover 60 percent of the cost.

Below we provide a few lifestyle guideposts. If you need a quick primer on frequently used insurance terms, just pop over to this page.

Best for people who have their doctor on speed dial.

If you are a person who needs to receive persistent medical care, you’ll want to consider our Gold plan. Our Gold plan gives you the best value for frequent visits to doctors and specialists.

Best for people who rely on multiple (or expensive) prescriptions.

Consider Silver. Our Silver plans offer fantastic coverage for people who rely on prescriptions, such as those managing chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Under the Silver plan, you’ll pay $0-$10 for generic drugs and be responsible for 40-50 percent of the cost of brand-name and specialty drugs after you meet your deductible.

Best for people in (knock on wood!) good health.

If your doctor signs off on your annual exam and lab tests every year with a hearty “Keep it up!”, pick the Bronze plan. Yes, you’ll have a higher deductible—but the chances are good you won’t meet it, anyway. And you’ll pay $0 on preventive care services so you can stay fit as a fiddle.

Best for parents with little kids.

Bumps and bruises, earaches, emergency room visits—small children are full of life but growing up can include some larger-than-life medical bills. Kids who are mostly healthy will do well on the Silver plan, which includes $100 X-ray and lab services after the deductible is met, $0 in-network practitioner fees and $450 after-deductible emergency room visits.


Best for people who are planning on big health care expenses.

Paying for years of softball tournaments with a rotator cuff surgery? Making big plans for a little bundle of joy? No worries. Our Gold plan is the perfect option. You’ll be responsible for just 10 percent of the cost of in-network hospital stays and physician, surgical and medical services once your deductible is met. Plus, rehab services like physical therapy are just a $25 co-pay away.

Best for younger people just starting this whole adulting thing.

You’re young. You’re healthy. And now you have your own health insurance. Congrats, you’re crushing it! If you aren’t managing a chronic condition, you’ll do just fine on the Bronze plan. You’ll pay $0 for in-network doctor’s visits and preventive drugs and care services. The Bronze plan deductible is $8,500, which is higher than the rest of the plans, but that translates to a lower monthly premium. And if you fall short of meeting your deductible, you’ll still save money overall—even while paying a higher percentage of costs for services.

Best for those who need regular therapy.

On a first-name basis with your physical, speech, or occupational therapist? The Gold plan is a safe bet. After meeting your deductible, you’ll pay just $25 per in-network visit until you’re back in fine form.

Best for people who get adjusted weekly.

Some of us feel out of whack unless we see a chiropractor on a regular basis. Under the Silver plan, you’ll pay $75 for in-network visits after meeting your deductible or just $50 on the Gold plan. Certain circumstances may qualify you for cheaper chiropractor visits under a Silver plan

Still not sure which plan is the right fit for you? No problem. You can always contact our customer service team at 1-833-478-5853 or in the Member Portal.